28 December 2008

Just a Little Info

Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know I may be MIA for a little while. My stepmom is back in the hospital and I may be flying out of here soon. She has Leukemia and it is now out of remission and she's fighting pneumonia also. It's a very touchy situation. So I may be away from my computer for a little while.

However, I got a few layouts done... The kits used are all Babydolls Scraps.

Letters to Santa, kit Old Tyme Christmas

Fun Times with Daddy, kit Summer Fun

Football Time, kit Blushing Elegance

Army Caden, kit Sugar N Spice

Until next time.............. Hope you have a Great Day/Week!!!!

23 December 2008

Almost Christmas....

Ok, so it's almost Christmas and I am still so not in the mood. Guess it has a lot to do with Michael gone and not being near any family! Not that I want to go back home! I mean don't get me wrong I love my family, but I love my own space too. At home I don't have that!

Well all presents are bought and wrapped and under the tree. Except for Michaels, I am so not leaving this tree up until July! So I will be putting it back up then and placing his presents there like 2 days before he gets home. I am also planning on having a full scale Christma/Thanksgiving Dinner for him and some of his friends if they want to come. After being over there for so long they need some good cooking!

The boys are so ready for 'Santa'. We will be making oatmeal cookies for him this afternoon. They wanted to make 2 kinds but told them santa didn't need that much because all the kids were gonna leave him cookies and we don'twant him getting to full at our house. So they decided just oatmeal! Thank goodness.

Haven't really felt good lately. Haven't been on here much either. Just kind of spending time with them and trying to keep my house somewhat clean! LOL

Well I have managed to get a few layouts done in this sad state I am in. So here they are for your viewing pleasure..............

Country Christmas kit by Dee's Delightful Designs

Jessi's First Pic with Santa


My Babies Ready for Christmas


Ok well I better wrap it up now, don't want to bore ya! Just in case I don't blog again until after.... MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! And if you don't celebrate, I am sorry.. Happy Holidays to you!

17 December 2008

New CT Member

I have joined another CT!! Actually I am her very first CT member.....
ready to know who its for.....

She is an awesome designer and I love her 'stuff'! You will too, I promise! So you need to leave here and check her out! K?

Oh, yeah you need to know who SHE is don't you.......... Babydoll Scraps!!!!

So here are a few layouts I have recently done with her kits...

Cocoa Lover Kit


We Dedicate You used Blushing Elegance Kit


Sugar N Spice Kit


Friends used Summer Fun Kit


Hope everyones holiday season is going great! Until next time have a great day!

11 December 2008

Short N Sweet

Okay, today has been a little crazy. Been fighting people that don't want to do their jobs! Very irritating!! Anyway I was sitting here and just waved my little wand and poof... this came out!!!

Cyber Yard Sale kit

Paytons Playthings

Working Mum kit

All three kits were by Magick Scraps!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for visiting....... Have a great day!!

10 December 2008


Well it started snowing yet again last night. We were supposed to get 6 inches but we didn't or hadn't yet. It is still snowing but it is a light snow so not too bad yet. I have 'duty' this week so I just came in from shoveling the sidewalk and putting salt out. Taylor and Caden helped with the salt part! They got a kick out of it. I took some pictures of them working hard so will be scrapping them when I can get them uploaded to my computer! It's supposed to snow the rest of today and then stop, so hopefully won't have to shovel all week!

Boys are just playing quietly, imagine that. The people upstairs are louder than my 2 in my apartment! We were raised in the counrty and we aren't that loud! You would think they would have a little more respect than that. But kids these days lack respect! I have always tried to instill that into my kids, not gonna have disrespectful kids ya no! But their mom is loud too. As we all know kids learn from the people that raise them! Sorry about the rant!!!

I haven't talked to Michael verbally in a few days! Gosh I am so ready for this deployment to be over. Typing to him on IM is nothing like being able to smell his stinkie breath!!! We chat just about everynight; if his internet is working that is. Their net is better than it was but it still sucks. But at least he has it in his room and isn't limited to 30 mintues anymore! Maybe he will call soon! I wish the commander would call the FRG and say 'OK get ready for our coming home ceremony!!!' Man that would be great!

Well I guess I better get some house work done while Jessi is napping! Until next time, have a great day!

07 December 2008

Happy Sunday!

Ok, so its been a little while, but I am here! It has been kind of crazy around here. Snowing almost every day. We walked Taylor to school one mornng in a foot and a half of snow and it was still coming down hard! Then had to go back and get him a half hour later because they decided that road conditions were too bad and school needed to close. Ok, so my wonder is... since these children were already there why not have classes and the children that couldnt make it don't count it against them. But I guess they couldn't do that. So I had to get Jessi out of bed, Caden all bundled up again and go get Taylor! Crazy day!!! Luckily we had food and I didn't have to leave the house in the car until Friday! And I didn't!!! By Friday the roads were alot better!! Thank goodness, we were running a little low on groceries!

We had another video tele-comference with Michael on Friday, so that was what I looked forward to all week! It ws nice to be able to talk to him and see him at the same time with out the web cam freezing up! We are so ready for him to come home! So is he! But he is over half way now so it won't be long. I have not been looking forward to the holiday season without him! The only good thing about it is another month is gone and closer to him being back home with us! Despite not really being in the spirit of Christmas I have gotten all of my shopping done. I pick up a few little things if I run across them but I have everything I planned! So the kids will have a good one, well as good as it can be without Daddy anyway!

Ok, as for scrappin talk.....
I got a new kit Full Abalone, NOT YET BEEN RELEASED, from Magick Scraps. I sat down right after downloading it and my creating juices were flowing. So here is what flowed out of me last night. Hope you enjoy!

'T'is for Taylor


Sleeping Beauty


Turkey Legs


Ok, so I hope you enjoyed! Until next time have a great day or week!