30 November 2008

My Birthday

Ok, so the 29th was my birthday as many of you know. It started out ok and got better as the day went on. The boys helped me clean the house and we went grocery shopping. They were good there too! Michael called and wished me a Happy Birthday, so that really made my day!!

So I had talked with our sitter about getting some 'me' time, so she showed up around 3:30. I went to find a few more Christmas presents for the kids and possibly Michael. And I ended up buying me a birthday present! If you know me well enough, you know I don't buy me things. But I did yesterday. So I picked up a few more things and out of the store I went. I have been wanting a piercing, so I went to the local tatoo place... they had closed 30 minutes before I got there! Darn it! Just have to wait a little longer!

A friend of mine wanted to take me out for dinner so I picked her up and she bought me a steak! It was really good! We went to this little German restaurant and they cook the steaks where you can see it! Nice little place and its kid friendly, so we will be going back. I got to missing my babies, so as soon as we were done eating, I went home!! We picked up the kids and went bowling. The kids loved that.

Then we woke up this morning to SNOW, AGAIN!!! Snowed its tail off until around lunch, so it has stopped for now!

Here's a layout of me at my "birthday party" at the bowling alley, Taylor took the picture, and my 2 gifts I got myself!!


The kit I used was a collab kit from designers at ScrapProfessor for a birthday present! Thanks to all!!!

Have lots more pictures, but no time to scrap them yet. So you will just have to check back! Until next time, have a great day!!

27 November 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The boys woke up around 8 and were running around doing their thing while I was preparing the turkey for the oven! I had it in by 9 and the rest was cake compared to that cooking time. I got everything done and we ate around 2ish. It was good, but I kept in mind that I am still trying to loose the baby weight and I DIDNOT overdo it. Can you believe it, I could breath when I left my table and I walked away! LOL

Michael was online early in the morning and I got to talk to him for a bit. It was nice to be able to. Just wish he could come home, it gets so lonely around here even with the kids! For anyone that doesn't know.... DEPLOYMENTS SUCK!!! It's ok sometimes, but for the most part, it SUCKS!!! Life just isn't the same without him here! I hear people complaining about their husbands all the time and I say to myself 'At least he is here to get on your nerves!' What I would give just to have him here everyday irritating me again! He's so good at it too!

Well I'll get on with it now.... There's BIG sales everywhere and over at DSG there is even bigger sales! So go on over and check out the store for all of your digi scrapping needs!

Got a new kit and finally had a little time for creating... so here are a couple of layouts for ya....

Papaw & Jessi (He says hedon't babysit, but when we got back this is what we saw!)
Paper from Cadens Dream!

Mommy's Shinning Star
Cyber Yard Sell kit by Magick Scraps

Good Night Big Boy
Cyber Yard Sell kit

Snowy Sky
Country Christmas kit by Dee's Delightful Designs

Taylor My Clown
Country Christmas kit

These kits are awesome! Follow the links and go pick up yours today!

Ok so that will wrap it up for now. More later, have a Great Black Friday!

23 November 2008

New Layouts

OK, so its been snowing all day and so we havent left the house! So here is my productive day!

Here are some of my new layoutswith Paytons Playthings by Magick Scraps.


Digging in the Dirt is what boys love to do! Look closely at the one of Caden alone, he is sitting in a huge hole they dug!


Taylor learned how to ride a bike this summer thanks to Amber!

Until next time, have a great day!

21 November 2008

Man What a Day!

So this morning we went out to walk Taylor to school and it was raining! So we had to come back in for Jessi's car seat and get in the car to go to the school. Like always no parking spot... finally got parked to walk him to class and got soaked! We stayed in the rest of the morning until time to go pick him up. Weather had subsuided and we walked to pick him up. The wind was like sheets of ice cutting through my sweatshirt. So got back and waited on the phone to ring.... it didn't! So the sun popped out and we ran to CMR to check the mail and get a Frap! LOL By the time we came out, like 5 minutes later....... it was FREAKIN' SNOWIN'!!!! And I dont mean a little... I mean wind blowing it in every direction. And we all have a frozen drink in our hands! We got vack to the house and haven't left since! I looked out a little bit ago and it's still snowing!!! Kids are loving it, of course! I did hear from hubby on the net, he just couldn't get a chance to call :( But thank you Internet... I know he is ok and I even got to see him! His web cam worked for about 10 minutes.... a little is better than none at all.

Anyway on to the layouts.......... I created these with the Working Mum kit by Magick Scraps!

Ready to Play


Working Hard


Until next time! Have a good day!! Later!

20 November 2008


Ok, so there was another CT call I answered and I got it!! WOOHOO!! I am now a Wand Waver! Go Me! Go Me! Ok so I have downloaded the fabulous kit and will get started as soon as I get some sleep! So check back in a day or so and I will have some layouts for your viewing pleasure with a kit known as Working Mum by Magick Scraps by MoJo!

See you then! Have a Great day or night!! (Depending on where you live.) :~)

18 November 2008


OK today is here and I have GREAT news! I am a CT for Kari aka Relocated Dixie Girl Designs! Woo Hoo!!! I got this great kit last night and was up until 1 a.m. making layouts. OK, well Jessi woke up too but most of that time I was creating!! So here are the layouts I promised!!

This one is called 'German Pastry'


'Another $10.00'


'My Precious Baby Girl'


And last but NEVER least.... 'My Love'


All 3 were made with Kari's kit Hush. I love working with this kit. I had no problems making a girl layout and definitely not boy layouts.

Well here is a preview of my scrap subjects, more to come in the future. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


Check back tomorrow I have some great things to share!

16 November 2008

Ok, so this is my first time with this blog stuff. So if it's not pretty or interesting enough for you, please give me a chance to get used to it. So I am a CT for Dee's Delightful Designs and hopefully one other. Will let you know how that goes.

So here is a little something I whipped up this morning....

I used a new kit, not even released yet by Dee's Delightful Designs. It's called Cat Paws. The subject of my layout is Moe. He belongs to my sister. He does all kinds of crazy things and I caught him sleeping here. Well we thought he was sleeping, but he opened one eye when I snapped this shot.

More to come later! Have a blessed day!