12 August 2010

August is full...

Well we move this month. We have about a week and a half left here and we are so ready. I am ready to get our house and unpack everything! Ready for things to be back in order!

Also, this month we have a celebration. Jessi turns 2 years old on Sunday! She is getting so big and more and more photogenic with every day. She picks out her clothes almost everyday and is very moody if I try to. She is so funny! This morning she picked out this very pretty dress so I had to do a photo shoot! The boys got in on it too! I will share some........

Jessi and her Baby


Jessi feeding her baby


My little Model!!


My Boys

Big Brother Love

Sibling Love


Wonder what they are thinking!

Okay, so I shared more than I intended, but I m sure you like them all!

Not sure if I will update again before we move so it may be a while, but I will still take photos and when I post next time it will be full!

Until then have a blessed day, week, month!!!

05 August 2010

Summer Time

We have been enjoying our summer. We go to the park the most, but we have done a few other things. The other day a soccer clinic with Ohio Wesleyan University Soccer Team was held and the boys attended. I got some good shots of them playing and even Jessi. They taught them passing, kicking, and head butting the ball. The kids loved it!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Jessi getting to kick!!


Caden head butting the ball.

Hit with your head!

Taylor head butting the ball.

Head ball

Caden kicking a goal.


Taylor kicking, he kept kicking so hard. He needs to kick goals not passes!

Kick it!!!

Jessi helping clean up their equipment, lol.

Clean up time

The Ohio Wesleyan University Soccer Team and all of the children that participated in the clinic.

Ohio Wesleyan University Soccer Team

This team was awesome. They were very friendly and they were awesome with the soccer ball. They taught all of these children and had a lot of fun with it. I just want to say Thanks to them for their love for the game and for coming out and teaching our children.

Until next time, have a blessed day!!