27 October 2010

New Life

Okay, so I decided on naming my photography. It is now called TCJ Photography. Whenever I am able to get a software where I can make a cool little siggy on the bottom of the pics then this is what it will say. I haven't been taking too many pictures lately because I have been just trying to keep the house in order. I have taken some obviously, I am NOT stopping... so I will share a few of the ones I have done lately. Hope you enjoy!

Long walk to the Bus
Long walk to the bus.....

Walking with Love
Sibling love

Fall has Fell
Lonely Leaf

Baby Turtles

Awesome Little Dude


Mt. Rainier

Lake View

Mother Looking Out

Hope you have enjoyed the little bit of my new world. The move has gone great. We love our house and the kids seem to be adjusting fine. Until next time, God Bless!