23 July 2010

No Much New.....

Not a lot has happened this week. No one got hurt and everyone still has all of their limbs. Thank goodness for that! We are preparing for our final shipment to be packed up and taken away. That will happen this week. YAY!!! One step closer to moving to another country! We are getting more excited about the move, I am getting more stressed about it; but the kids and Michael are ready! Just wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and it would all be done and over with.

Found out this week I have a freaking nerve problem in my back that no medicine can help! I do have some things to help the pain not occur as often but nothing can stop it completely. Just Great HUH! I will make it though, I am a Mother, and we don't have a choice do we?!

Anyway enough of that and on to some great mother nature shots I took this week.

Natures Beauty - taken outside our door in our stairwell. He was just chillin' on the wall until some little girl, not mentioning any names, decided she needed to touch it! I don't think I have ever seen a moth this color!

Natures Beauty

Night Sky - taken on July 15th. I saw the moon shinning so bright and just had to have a picture of it!

Night Sky

I have been told I take some of the oddest pictures. I respond to these unknowing people like this....... When I look around me I do not see just trees and grass. I do not see just birds and kids plying at the playground. I do not just see the moon sitting there for no apparent reason. I SEE PICTURES!!! Everything I look at I see through the eye of my camera. If I feel like the subject is worthy I take a picture of it. Look around you, and you will find that there are so many things out there that would make a great picture. I refer back to one of my favorite shots.

Shed in Summer
My shed in summer......

Shed in Winter

This little shed is off of the A62. I don't know why but it caught my eye last winter. I have multiple shots of it. This is the shot that hangs in my hallway!

So next time your out on a walk or even a drive look around and you may see things differently too! Have a good week! GOD BLESS!!!!

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Dee Bibb said...

So glad to hear everyone still has all their limbs. Love the "Mother" Nature shot...as well as all the others.

I "get it" how you see through the camera....I do too most of the time.